Be Inspired

May you be blessed and inspired by watching and listening to the melodious gospel song of the region.

Be Blessed

We are glad to present the collection of various songs from different tribes of the region.

May you be inspired and blessed through listening to it.

Arunachal Gospel Songs


Tutsa Baptist Church Council (TBCC)


Mr. Lankap Sawin, Executive Secretary
C/O Mr. Jadnok Sawin, Power House
P.O. Changlang
District: Changlang
Arunachal Pradesh - 792 120
Contact: +91 8729921798

Mr. Noksom Hangsik, President
Contact: +91  961 284 5790

Ms. Thuncha Ngotan, Women Secretary
Contact: +91 708 599 9621

Mr. Kungsam Kungkho, Youth Secretary
Contact: +91 841 596 7064

Ms. Lonya Bangsia, Sunday School Promoter
Contact: +91 986 249 6218