Brief History of ABCC

Before September 2008, the Baptist community in Arunachal Pradesh were in two groups known as the "Arunachal Baptist Council (ABC)" of western region of Arunachal Pradesh and the Arunachal Pradesh Baptist Council (APBC) of eastern region of Arunachasl Pradesh. The ABC consisted of Nyishi Baptist Church Council (NBCC), The Adi Baptist Union (ABU) and the Apatani Baptist Association (ABA) and were affiliated with the North Bank Baptist Christian Association (NBBCA). The APBC consisted of Adi Baptist Council (ABC), Dibang Lohit Baptist Churches Association (DLBCA), Tangsa Baptist Churches Association (TBCA), Nocte Baptist Churches Association (NBCA) and Wancho Baptist Churches Association (WBCA) were affiliated to Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI). Under the banner of Baptist Council of Arunachal the first state level conference was held in Sille in 1985 under the chairmanship of Dr. AK Lama. Rev Yongthem Lego, Rev LM Yanger, Rev Bimin Murang, Rev Osik Pertin, Rev Khoda Tana, Mr. Taipodia, Rev. Gode Doke and many others particip[ated in the conference. The Baptist leaders of both the convention felt the urgent need of forming a unified state level baptist body. Responding to the call and the urgent need to be united, they had several rounds of talks. Rev. Changha Chippo, Rev. Modam Dini, Rev. Mikim Perme, Rev. Wanglong Simai, Rev Banbo Pertin along with many other leaders from various associations and councils spear headed the movement and onĀ  24th September 2008, in the joint meeting held in Pasighat, the leaders unenimously decided to merge the two existing conventions to formĀ  the present state level convention in the name and style of "ARUNACHAL BAPTIST CHURCH COUNCIL". Rev. Osik Pertin, President of Arunachal Baptist Council and Rev. M. Ronrang, President, Arunachal Pradesh Baptist Council ( the two existing convention) jointly declared dissolution of ABC and APBC and and formation a unified body as " Arunachal Baptist Church Council". The first executive leaders of ABCC were (1) Rev. Halli Likha Ama, President, Rev. Banbo Pertin, Vice-President, Rev. Modam Dini, General Secretary, Mr. Kara Sako, Treasurer.